We are a fun (sometimes nerdy) group of skeptics in London, Ontario, who have been meeting for a monthly pub night since September 2010.  Join us at the Montana’s Cookhouse (485 Wellington Rd S) on the second Tuesday of every month for some drinks, food, and stimulating conversation.  We also have added a second meetup for those who don’t drink or can’t make it to the pub night.  It’s at the Williams Coffee shop on Richmond row (578 Richmond St) on the fourth Tuesday of every month.  Both begin at (roughly) 7pm.

Those who’ve been with the group for a while know that these locations have changed in the past, and we don’t always get around to updating this site in a timely fashion. The best way to see what’s going on is to check our Facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/groups/londonskeptics/ .  Here you’ll get to know us a little better and find out more about upcoming events. Join the group! Members receive invitations to all the meet-ups (along with up-to-date locations and times), can engage with our international members in stimulating conversations, and keep up on the world of skeptical activism!

Our purpose:  To guard against leaps of faith, jumps to false conclusions, plunges into wishful thinking, blizzards of assertions, courageous stands on the ground of subjective certainty, one-sided sifting of evidence, defense of the party line, ad hoc ergo propter hoc fallacies, ad hominem arguments and the fringes of experience where anomalies prowl.