Everyone in the Canadian skeptical community is aware of the poor state of scientific skepticism in Canadian politics, the media, and the wider public. I’m sure that most of you, like me, would like to do more to help improve the situation.

There’s a new organization in Canada called Bad Science Watch. They want to become the go-to source in the country to take on bad science, promote good science, and help protect and inform Canadians. I’m really excited to see them get started!


As with any organization, they need funds to get going. So with that in mind:


London Skeptics meets twice month in London, ON and we will be collecting donations from our group members at each meet-up to support Bad Science Watch. We intend to collect more funds than any other skeptics group in Canada so that we can win the sweet pile of swag and affection that BSW has offered in recognition!

In addition to collecting cash at skeptic events, there is also the option to donate directly through PayPal or PeerBackers as well.   It will be up to individual groups to maintain their own donation totals so that we aren’t making the BSW folks collect it.

The challenge starts now and the final totals will be announced at the end of October. Let’s work together to help get this fantastic new group the cash it needs to help protect Canadians from pseudoscience and promote critical thinking from coast to coast to coast!

Chip Cherry
London Skeptics