It is unavoidable in the skeptical community for people to correct others when they are wrong.  I mean, it’s what we do!  Normally that’s a good thing; we can’t be right all the time and it helps us to be, well, less wrong.  However, if your trade, hobby or livelihood is fundamentally flawed in the areas of logic or science, you might not be so open to correction.   Imagine someone repeatedly brings up all the errors you make while trying to ply your trade.  You’d be understandably upset.   You might not be so willing to accept the corrections since these are not errors at all, but “facts” that are fundamental to your “work”.

Enter Astrologer Terry Nazon.  She’s dubs herself “World Famous Celebrity Astrologer”.   Many astrologers position themselves as experts in the science of the stars.  They ride the coat tails of proper astronomy and try to cram in their astrological musings to make themselves and their trade seem all, y’know, sciency.

She's been on TV she she must be good

She’s been on TV so she must be good.

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